Actual EPS, CPS, or DPS
Reported annual Earnings Per Share (EPS -Trailing 12 months), cash flow (CPS) or Dividends Per Share (DPS) for a company for the fiscal year indicated. For companies which report on a quarterly basis, this information will contain the sum of the actual earnings, cash flow or dividends for the previous four quarters. For companies that report semi-annually, the field will contain the sum of the previous two semi-annual actuals.
American Stock Exchange - AMEX
An open auction market similar to the NYSE where buyers and sellers compete in a centralized marketplace. The AMEX typically lists small to medium cap stocks of younger or smaller companies. Until 1921 it was known as the New York Cumulative Exchange.
AMEX Composite - XAX
The AMEX Composite Index - (XAX) the American Stock Exchange introduced a new AMEX Composite Index with a new ticker symbol, XAX, on January 2, 1997. The XAX is a market capitalization-weighted, price appreciation index, and replaces the AMEX Market Value Index (XAM) which, since its inception, has been calculated on a "total return basis" to include the reinvestment of dividends paid by AMEX companies. The new AMEX Composite Index is more comparable with other major indexes, which reflect only the price appreciation of their respective components.
A person with expertise in evaluating financial investments; he or she performs investment research and makes recommendations to institutional and retail investors to buy, sell, or hold; most analysts specialize in a single industry or business sector.
Announcement Date
The date on which the company first made news of the split public.
The price at which someone who owns a security offers to sell it; also known as the asked price. (See also "Best Ask".)
Any possessions that has value in an exchange.
Average Daily Share Volume
The number of shares traded per day, averaged over a period of time, usually one year.
Average Maturity
The average time to maturity of securities held by a mutual fund. Changes in interest rates have greater impact on funds with longer average life.