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National SMS - The National Stock Game

Set up your class in the nation-wide challenge! Customize your class rules, trading dates, and more, while connecting your class to others around the country!

What is NationalSMS?

National SMS is a nation-wide stock game for schools in the United States.

Unlike other stock games, you can create your own class rules and trading dates to best fit your own lesson plans, and your students can participate in nation-wide rankings!

We give prizes to the top teams throughout the country every semester, so join your class today to participate!

It takes 5 minutes to get registered and set up your class, and your students can be trading today!

Set Up Your Class!
Best stock game for your class

No software or IT department needed!

Works on every device with an internet connection, so students can have full access at school or at home!

mobile stock game

Works great with Chromepads, Ipads, PC, Mac, and every other device with an internet connection! Since there is no software to install, your students can get the best educational experience available.

Educational Content Included!

Educational content included

Unlike other stock games, NationalSMS includes a huge Learning Center for students, with hundreds of glossary terms, articles, videos, and more to help students understand the stock market and investing.

You can even assign reading from over 30 articles and interactive personal finance calculators, each with a quiz designed to strengthen student understanding.

Our Assignment articles and calculators were designed to help reach benchmarks in the National Standards for Personal Finance.

We also have a library of over 50 lesson plans available for teachers to find the best way to integrate the stock game with your class!

Check out the Learning Center

Get your class started in 3 easy steps


Sign up for your free teacher account


Set your class rules, with your custom session dates


Your student team usernames and passwords are generated automatically, just distribute to your students!

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Set Up Your Class

Pick your session dates, trading rules, and get your student logins

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Add Assignments

Assign reading or trades to your students, and monitor their progress in real time!

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Dates for Prizes

We give out prizes to the top teams every semester - your school will be in competition with other schools with classes ending in the same semester.

Session 1: Classes ending between the 2nd Friday in January and the 2nd Friday in May

Session 2: 1 day after Session 1 through the last Friday in August

Session 3: 1 day after Session 2 through the last Friday in December

Want more? Check out Personal Finance Lab!

Personal Finance Lab is an advanced version of NationalSMS that brings 21st century readiness skills to life both in the classroom and at home. The platform is entirely web-based, which means you and your students can access all the features, lessons, content, and portfolio simulation from anywhere with an internet connection. The integrated curriculum covers over 25 topics in each class subject, and can be customized to fit your class structure.

By including Personal Finance Lab with your school, you get:

  • Full access for your school with no per-account or per-class fee
  • World-class portfolio simulation, enabling your students to apply what they learn in class to the real world
  • Over 100 integrated lessons in personal finance, economics, business, social studies, and math
  • Automatically-graded quizzes to encourage concept mastery, built in to each lesson
  • Interactive personal finance and business calculators, focused on saving, investing, and much more
  • Learning Center with over 600 articles, videos, glossary terms, and more
  • Tutorial videos to help both teachers and students get started and excel
  • Live support from our financial education team during normal business hours
  • The Investing101 Beginners Investing Course - 10 chapter investing course available to all students