About Us

The National Stock Market Simulation (SMS) is a classroom activity played by teams of students from across the country . The SMS is most often played in math, social studies and business education classes in grades from 4 to 12. Student teams are each given a virtual $ 100,000 in cash and then simulated buying and selling of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. The teams attempt to increase the value of their portfolios over a ten-week period by buying and selling securities.

The National SMS is the only stock market game that features:

  • real-time bid/ask order execution for U.S. stock and ETF orders
  • bonds, mutual funds, and commodities (think gold/silver/oil/pork bellies)
  • streaming portfolio updates so students can see their real-time performance and rankings
  • market, limit, and stop orders
  • a low registration fee of only $12 per account.

Learning benefits of the game include an increased understanding of economic and financial concepts, math and computer applications, and encouragement to research, using newspapers, magazines, and Internet sites.

The SMS is played using the Internet or a toll-free fax machine for those without Internet access. There is no student per team minimum or maximum. We recommend 3-5 students per team; the less per team, the more interaction each student has with the simulation. However, we leave the number of students per team to the teachers, since each class is different and because funding is different per school. Teams may trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer any time. Software is not needed to participate - no need to download anything, the simulation is completely web based and the cost is only $12 per team!

The National Stock Market Simulation is produced by Stock-Trak Inc.. For further information on the National Stock Market Simulation, please contact us.