Teachers and/or Club Administrators:

Register your next class or club now for the National SMS and gain real-life exposure to the financial markets. The National SMS is the only stock market game that features:

  • real-time bid/ask order execution for U.S. stock and ETF orders
  • bonds, mutual funds, and commodities (think gold/silver/oil/pork bellies)
  • streaming portfolio updates so students can see their real-time performance and rankings
  • market, limit, and stop orders
  • over 25 research tools including quotes, charts, news, financial statements, SEC filings, etc.
  • all student accounts are automatically entered into our National Challenge where we pay out cash prizes to the top 3 teams each semester

Please review the Contest Rules, which include information on prize eligibility. Your students' usernames & passwords will be generated after you submit this form.

If you have already registered with the National SMS, then you just need to login.

Team fees are only $12/team

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